First we back up the entire EMDI folder (usually in path -> C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SBZ systems \ EMDI or C: \ Program Files \ SBZ systems \ EMDI).

We do a fresh installation of EMDI on the new PC that we want to move our files to, and then we overwrite the EMDI folder we got from the other computer.

Then we need to check if in our settings-Purchases/Sales-Documents in the Forms field is the correct path (eg the most common error is in the path name is (x86)).

If we want to copy and activate  the  old settings and the appearance as well we need to  change some files in the personal file inside Emdi directory  (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ SBZ systems \ EMDI \ personal)

We are interested in the username folder from our old computer and the folder created and named with the username of our current computer. We copy the contents of the old folder to the new one and then to the new one we have to change the name of the prv file from the old username(ex. OFFICE1.prv), to the new (ex. OFFICE2.prv).