The following custom / special fields can be added to the document lines:

Start                                      Date
Expiry                                   Date
Position                                Text
Portion                                 Text
Move                                     Text
Value                                     Real Number
Volume                                 Real Number
Area real                               Real Number
Weight                                 Real Number
Quantity sets                     Displays the totals: quantity * volume, quantity * weight, quantity * area
Unit of measurement 2          check 1, 2
Unit of measurement 3          check 1, 2

If we want to change their title we write the new titles seperated by comma in the “Special Field Titles” field.

In the database the field where the special fields are stored is “eidhpar”.”lhjeis_” while for their titles the “eidhpar”.”specialfieldstitles”.

The special fields whose titles can be changed

  1. “grammes”.”enarjh_” Start
  2. “grammes”.”kinhseis_” Expiration
  3. “grammes”.”uesh_” Position
  4. “grammes”.”meridasx_” Portion
  5. “grammes”.”stixossx_” Move
  6. “grammes”.”ajia_” Value
  7. “grammes”.”embado_” Area
  8. “grammes”.”ogkos_” Volume
  9. “grammes”.”baros_ ” Weight