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Change product price on selected document lines

The following code changes the product prices on the selected document (document 40 in this example). Price is converted equal to the purchase price:

Price is converted equal to the sale price:


Mail set-up for office365 in directadmin

Field appearance under certain conditions and line change – FastReport

Example of field appearance with line change under certain conditions in FastReport.

Also we can put  basic  html commands by activating it in TfrxMemoView and set AllowHTMLTags=true

Wincor Nixdorf customer display setup

In order to set up the customer display of Wincor Nixdorf Ba63 and Ba64 models (BA64_Operating_Manual_english.pdf) follow these steps: 1. Install spos.exe (activate the option for RS232 device connector during EMDI installation). 2. Edit (with any notepad) the file sposbridge.ini (in EMDI installation folder) to look like the following (copy and paste):

3. User […]

EMDI connection with Norma registers

Αφού γίνει η εγκατάσταση του driver για αναγνώριση της usb σε com (VCP_V1.3.1_Setup_x64.exe), ανοίγετε το πρόγραμμα της ταμειακής (NormaUtil.exe) και κάνετε τις παρακάτω ρυθμίσεις: Επιλέγετε την κατάλληλη port: Επιλέγετε τον data folder (συνήθως C:\Program Files (x86)\SBZ systems\EMDI\forms\form_norma): Στην EMDI –> Ρυθμίσεις ορίζετε η εκτύπωση της Απόδειξης Λιανικής να γίνεται σε αρχείο και η διαδρομή να […]

Submitting license in EMDI

All EMDI versions are available for download with a 30 days trial license. When the free period is over and you have purchased or rent EMDI, then we send you the corresponding license for your company. To submit that license go to Settings –> Options (3 dots on the upper right corner) –> About. In the […]

Restarting Firebird

If Firebird stopped (and emdi displaying a message that says it was terminated because one of the following database-related problems arose), we can go from the Windows control panel and restart by pressing the Start button. If we can’t start Firebird Server Manager on the control panel, another way is to go to the Windows […]

EMDI connection with FPDriver for Incotex 133 cash register

You can download the drivers (FDUSBx64_setup for usb to com and FPDriver-x64_GR_1.17I) from the following link: After the installation, FPDriver settings need to be as follows: In Settings –> Documents, the receipt form should be set accordingly to C:\Program Files (x86)\SBZ systems\EMDI\forms\receipt.txt and Print (column) set to “File”. The file “receipt.txt” must contain the following: […]

ALFA VFD-822 B (customer display) settings

To setup ALFA VFD-822 B, you will need the drivers included in the cd, as well as another one, which can be downloaded from here Setup process: 1. Installation of PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1160 2. Installation of DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Windows 7.9 M7 3. Installation of ALFA VFD-822 B Utility 4. In the window that opens, select […]

Specifications for Shopify connector

EMDI is linked to Shopify to make it easier to organize your business warehouse. Procedure When we press insert on sales, only the ones that are unfulfilled appear in the order list. When it is sold it is sent to Shopify the status fulfilled.   Settings for Shopify connection. Documents that only send availability: Here […]

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