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Import barcodes from a text file

Υπάρχει η δυνατότητα μαζικής εισαγωγής barcodes από αρχείο πατώντας Επεξεργασία->Εισαγωγή barcodes από αρχείο. Το αρχείο που θα επιλεχθεί πρέπει να είναι τύπου csv με κωδικοποίση ANSI και διαχωριστικό ‘|’. Πεδία:


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Automatic import of customer’s/supplier’s items when creating a document

When we are in the process of issuing a bill, invoice, for example, there is the possibility after we choose the customer to automatically add all the items he bought in a certain amount of time. Under Settings-> Purchases / Sales->Line Settings->Mass insert Here we define how many days prior to collecting the items of […]

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Form selection when issue or reprint a document

To enable form selection when printing or reprinting a document, open the purchases/sales from the options and then select menu on the top right, then choose edit and select the document form change. Now, whenever go to print or reprint a document It will open a window, in which you have to choose the print […]

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Specifications for Shopify connector

EMDI is linked to Shopify to make it easier to organize your business warehouse. Procedure When we press insert on sales, only the ones that are unfulfilled appear in the order list. When it is sold it is sent to Shopify the status fulfilled.   Settings for Shopify connection. Documents that only send availability: Here […]

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EMDI bridge with Shopify

EMDI Business Management now supports Shopify! The connection is made through the new “bridge” file and the EMDI connectror app. With just one click the bridge downloads full client details, products (prices, photos etc.) and order list, ready to be invoiced, as well as supporting inventory managing by uploading availability on Shopify. In order to […]

Connection and settings for cash scales ELZAB VEGA and SATURN

EMDI Business Management connects perfectly with cash scales Vega and Saturn by ELZAB. To establish the connection spos (external program) is used, which you can either select during EMDI installation or by clicking on the link below: Moreover sposbridge.ini (in EMDI installation folder) must be edited so that it includes the following:

*Title field is necessary.

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Automatically document creation

Automatically create a new document when issuing a cash payment document and then convert the form of payment into the current document into credit. This is required in case of connection to analytic accounting where it is required to properly maintain the cash. Copy the following code into the settings->purchases/sales->documents->run SQL in the document you […]

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Notification audio signals

In EMDI there are some sounds that tell you about specific conditions: – Disconnection notification. When the connection to the database is interrupted, a beep sounds every 2 seconds until it connects again. – Notification when an order is succesfully received by a barcode. The ok.wav file is located in the audio folder (eg C:\Program […]

EMDI was terminated because one of the following databases-related problems arose

If EMDI does not start and the following message is displayed: has not been installed is not set up correctly has stopped working Open the command line as an administrator and run the command:

The database will start again. If it does not start immediately or after the computer restarts, you must reinstall the […]

How do I delete a document (invoice, receipt, etc.)

To delete a document Open the Purchases/Sales and select Documents list Select the document you want to delete and double click on it Click Menu (top right) -> Edit -> Lock old documents edit/delete capability To delete the document you see, tap the deletion button that appeared Beware this process is not reversible. This function […]

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