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EMDI was terminated because one of the following databases-related problems arose

If EMDI does not start and the following message is displayed: has not been installed is not set up correctly has stopped working Open the command line as an administrator and run the command:

The database will start again. If it does not start immediately or after the computer restarts, you must reinstall the […]

How do I delete a document (invoice, receipt, etc.)

To delete a document Open the Purchases/Sales and select Documents list Select the document you want to delete and double click on it Click Menu (top right) -> Edit -> Lock old documents edit/delete capability To delete the document you see, tap the deletion button that appeared Beware this process is not reversible. This function […]

Last modified.: 04/12/2017 Invoices / Payments

Periodic bulk update of e-shop for product modifications

Here we write the link of the script that sends to e-shop, products modifications. for example: Next to the “fields” we write the field number of the custom fields that we want to include in the export. For more than 1 custom field, we split a comma. In the “prices” field, we write the […]

Last modified.: 04/12/2017 Database Synchronisation

Message Internal Firebird consistency check error

Usually that means that the database file is corrupted. In most cases the following solution would be enough to fix the database:


Periodic bulk update of e-shop for product availabilities

Here we write the e-shop link of the script that updates the availability. The #PID variable is used for the Product handle of the item and the #STO variable is for the availability. for example: If we do not specify a variable, then all the availabilities sent together in the “web_availabilities.tmp” text file in […]

Last modified.: 04/12/2017 Database Synchronisation

Availability synchronization in custom fields for online connection between stores

If there are many stores connected each other via network and each of one must have a picture of the availability of all, then we need to send the availability to custom fields via sync. For 3 stores, we must create 4 custom fields, one of which will have the following: In sync, we create […]

Last modified.: 04/12/2017 Database Synchronisation

Recover customers/suppliers entries that have been deleted

When a customer or vendor is deleted, their documents cease counting and appearing in the list of documents. To restore them go to settings-> purchases/sales-> Fix documents After the correction we open customers/suppliers and we search for listings whose company begins with *. Customers/suppliers that were deleted were created again without their details. The documents […]

Merge duplicate customers, suppliers

Many times we have double and triple customers and suppliers on the database. This feature merge them and integrated, correlated with the corresponding documents. Click on customers/suppliers->Menu (Top right)->Edit->Merge duplicate entries or activate it so that when customers are imported from e-shop they are merged, on Settings->E-shop connection->Customers check Comparison is made with priority: IF […]

Edit print reports at EMDI

Now with EMDI you have the ability to process prints with the familiar Fast Reports software. Now you can create the print reports you want, yourself. You can see the help videos here or download their manual here. All predefined print reports are in the /forms/templates folder. If you want to change one of them, […]

Send a document to email – e-invoicing

You can easily send documents via e-mail by clicking the reprint and selecting the email option. The e-mail can be plain text or html. The variables: #NAME               Name or Company #MONEY            The total value of the document #INVURL            The  link to our e-invoice system ( ) #VOUCHER       Shipping tracking number […]

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