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Merge duplicate customers, suppliers

Many times we have double and triple customers and suppliers on the database. This feature merge them and integrated, correlated with the corresponding documents. Click on customers/suppliers->Menu (Top right)->Edit->Merge duplicate entries or activate it so that when customers are imported from e-shop they are merged, on Settings->E-shop connection->Customers check Comparison is made with priority: IF […]

Edit print reports at EMDI

Now with EMDI you have the ability to process prints with the familiar Fast Reports software. Now you can create the print reports you want, yourself. You can see the help videos here or download their manual here. All predefined print reports are in the /forms/templates folder. If you want to change one of them, […]

Send a document to e-mail

You can easily send documents via e-mail by clicking the reprint and selecting the email option. The e-mail can be plain text or html. The variables: #NAME               Name or Company #MONEY            The total value of the document #INVURL            The  link to our e-invoice system ( ) #VOUCHER       Voucher number

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How the inventory of products works

All availability is based on documents. If, for example, we want a product to have 20 pieces in our warehouse, we need to create an entry document, for example a 20 piece consignment note. We also have the ability to set it on the inventory->details tab in the availability field. If it is inactive, we […]

Courier API 1.0 – For the connection of courier companies with EMDI

In the courier.ini file located in the EMDI main folder we define the links:

  Calls to the Internet EMDI calls the following links respectively: Create a voucher

Open voucher

Cancel voucher

Print is taken from the link that is assigned to the respective company in the [print]   For example, […]


Last modified.: 30/03/2017 Database Synchronisation

Setting customer display ICD-2002

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Form Variables map.htm

The map.htm file is in the root folder of EMDI (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\SBZ systems\EMDI\forms\). A simple html page is used to display the route. It can easily be customized using the following variables: #FRA Full loading address #TOA Full delivery address

Simultaneous launch applications with different settings

The EMDI allows a simultaneous use of the same application, eg. Sales (pvlhseis.exe), with different settings. Create a shortcut for the respective application and on the seventh parameter put a key:

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Customize the pdf that you want to print/or send via email

Customize the pdfs we have to go to the main folder of EMDI C:/Program Files/SBZ systems/EMDI and edit the file htm2pdf with a notepad like the photo below: Opening the file we will see the varibales that can be changed: Changing one variable ex. at Margins the Bottom to -1 we made the form to […]

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