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Ρυθμίσεις synthbridge για λειτουργία παλαιότερων φορολογικών μηχανισμών σε δίκτυο

Τοποθετούμε το αρχείο synthbridge.exe στον φάκελο fmu του κεντρικού υπολογιστή Στις ρυθμίσεις του αρχείου synthbridge.exe, ακολουθούμε την παρακάτω δομή: 3. Σε όλους τους υπολογιστές, στις ρυθμίσεις της EMDI > Αγορές – Πωλήσεις > Φορολογική σήμανση, σβήνουμε τη θύρα από τις ρυθμίσεις φορολογικού και στον κατάλογο υπογραφών, βάζουμε απλά ένα \


Last modified.: 30/03/2017 Database Synchronisation

Setting customer display ICD-2002

Last modified.: 01/04/2017 Installation / Uninstallation / Issues, Settings

Form Variables map.htm

The map.htm file is in the root folder of EMDI (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\SBZ systems\EMDI\forms\). A simple html page is used to display the route. It can easily be customized using the following variables: #FRA Full loading address #TOA Full delivery address

Simultaneous launch applications with different settings

The EMDI allows a simultaneous use of the same application, eg. Sales (pvlhseis.exe), with different settings. Create a shortcut for the respective application and on the seventh parameter put a key:

Last modified.: 16/10/2015 Installation / Uninstallation / Issues

Customize the pdf that you want to print/or send via email

Customize the pdfs we have to go to the main folder of EMDI C:/Program Files/SBZ systems/EMDI and edit the file htm2pdf with a notepad like the photo below: Opening the file we will see the varibales that can be changed: Changing one variable ex. at Margins the Bottom to -1 we made the form to […]

Last modified.: 16/12/2016 Installation / Uninstallation / Issues

Simultaneous execution of orders with serial barcode reader

The EMDI allows implementation and execution of the orders to be made simultaneously with the use of SALES without affecting the two users. Create a shortcut:

and click it. The Sales are opened and minimized so they be called by serial reader. There is the possibility of simultaneus use the reader with Sales that already executing.To […]

Last modified.: 16/10/2015 Invoices / Payments, Settings

Customizable button on Products/Services

Customizable button is useful when call an external programm sending data using EMDI. #SID   Product ID #PID   Purchase ID #DES   Description Pressing  the key and sending data to the website you have chosen  

if you call a program you are sending 1 field Product code ex.

Then select the correct path, settings->inventory/services/products->customizable key […]

Customers/suppliers customizable button

The customizable button is useful when you want to call an external program while sending data from EMDI. #CID   Customer ID #TEL   Telephone #MOB   MObile #EML   E-mail #ADR   Address #NAM   Name When you click on the button having set a web page then EMDI appends the customer id to the end of the address:

Whereas if you […]

Last modified.: 15/03/2017 Customers / Suppliers, Settings

Customizable button on Sales/Purchases

The customizable button is useful when we want to use and external application by sending data from the EMDI #DID   Document number #REL   Related documents #CID   Customer ID #CAA  Customer database “Aa” #DAA  Document database “Aa” By clicking the key and if you define a website,then EMDI will send the documents:

By calling a […]

Last modified.: 30/03/2017 Invoices / Payments, Settings
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