It is possible to import purchases, sales, orders and generally all documents, from any program in EMDI commercial management. We create an excel that includes the necessary columns and everything is passed automatically.

First we need to know the line code of the document and the line code from the payment method. The excel must be structured correctly as in the video and the columns Payment (line code) and Document (line code) correctly filled.

I open Purchases/Sales –>Options–>Edit–>Import document lines from file –>From the window that opens, I choose Open text base, I choose my excel.

From the pink box (upper right) I define from which column we will get the data, i.e. I put the number of the column I want my data to be entered.

e.g. in the video in the field ‘customer code from column’ I have to put the number 9 because it is the ninth column that contains the customer codes. After I finish I press the enter button.

Now if we frequently import similar documents, we can write a name in the “Profile” field and save it so that when selecting the corresponding profile and importing it passes the fields automatically.

The date and time are entered based on the format set in the windows locale.

Based on the above settings the date and time should be in the form: